harry potter food specials!

Got this in my inbox this week, if you just happen to be going to see Harry Potter up in Escondido. Myself? I’ll be seeing it tonight at the Mira Mesa Regal Cinemas in IMAX 3D. Wooo! When guests visit the Escondido Chipotle restaurant (Auto Parkway @ Valley Parkway) Sunday, […] Read More

the tasty things in life: mizithra pasta from OSF

This is one of my favorite things in life. A nice big plate of mizithra from the Old Spaghetti Factory. I always get the hearty platter so I can take home the leftovers. I love the sharp, saltiness of the cheese and the simplicity of the browned butter sauce. I […] Read More

it’s hard to spend $25 at a donut shop / VG Donuts | Cardiff, San Diego, CA

I didn’t think it would be hard to spend $25 at VG Donuts, but it was. I’ve been sitting on this coupon I got for VG Donuts for quite some time. I kept debating on when I should go. Should I go and bring some stuff down when Jake has […] Read More

La Crêpe Fraîche / sorrento valley – san diego, ca

This is another “Wooo, I bought coupons” kind of post. But this time, I bought two coupons and went here twice before I blogged about it! Fancy that. This is La Crêpe Fraîche is a little place tucked into a shopping/business center in Sorrento Valley. It’s outside of the regular […] Read More

the tasty things in life: fresh cornbread from crispy fried chicken

This week’s Tasty Thing in Life: Cornbread! I’m semi-reluctant about posting about this cornbread because it’s not always consistent here at Crispy Fried Chicken on El Cajon Blvd. in City Heights. But I’ve had it be really excellent enough times to warrant it. When you get the cornbread here and […] Read More

lazy blogger weekend

I meant to post this stuff yesterday, but I did not do one productive thing all weekend and it was GREAT. Please note that I don’t count cake baking as “productive” but “fun”. When I was at Jake’s this weekend, I just happened to be there for the annual Oak […] Read More

san diego fair 2011

I went to the fair this past Tuesday and here’s my recap! Jake works as a security guard for the fair and he was working that night so we had a few hours together before he went off to work at one of the concert stages. I met up with […] Read More

the tasty things in life: pat & oscar breadsticks

This week’s tasty thing in life are those crazy good breadsticks from Pat & Oscar’s. I feel like they put some kind of addictive chemical into these breadsticks. Otherwise, why would I crave them so much? The thing about it is that I don’t even like the other food at […] Read More