hamburger creations / the counter – del mar / san diego, ca

The Counter is an international chain of burger restaurants (their 2 Ireland locations make it international!) specializing in offering their customers the ability to custom make their own creations. The website boosts that 312,120+ different burger combinations are possible! You can control pretty much all aspects of your creation – […] Read More

tasty things in life: dulce de leche cheesecake

Quite frankly I’m surprised that not every Wednesday posting is a dessert. Astounded, really, since I have such a major sweet tooth. The Dulce de Leche Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorites and deserves a place amongst the tasty things in life. I like that it’s […] Read More

panda inn / take out with expressly gourmet – san diego, ca

I was approached by a representative from Expressly Gourmet to see if I was interested in trying out their take out services. I received a credit towards the purchase of food to try out their services. Below is my review! Expressly Gourmet is a unique take-out service. They offer meals […] Read More

homemade mexican / el comal – north park / san diego, ca

El Comal is located in North Park, but just off the main drag of University Ave. It’s tucked away on a little side street and the inside of the place looks like it used to be someone’s house that was redone to be a little restaurant. The dining area looks […] Read More

bbq crawlin’ with bloggers

BBQ Crawling with San Diego bloggers was sure to yield a good time. Who was in the crawl? Carol of CAB Cooks (fab organizer), CC from Pink Candles of Ridgemont High, Dennis from A Radiused Corner,  Marie (and D.) from Meandering Eats, Leanne (and T.) from Three Dog Kitchen, Kirbie […] Read More

tasty things in life / pecan pie, chili from bubba’s

This week’s “Tasty Things in Life” is a two-fer. One from me. One from Jake. All from the same place. This is Jake’s – it’s the Chili from Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ in La Jolla, CA. He absolutely loves this chili. It’s got BBQ brisket inside the chili. This makes Jake […] Read More

karl strauss brewery – sorrento valley / san diego, ca

Laura called me up on a whim one evening to see if I was free for dinner and luckily I was because we went out for a lovely little meal without any boys in tow. The nice thing about going out to dinner with girlfriends is being able to share […] Read More

good cheese makes me happy / the wine pub – point loma / san diego, ca

Whenever I want to try out a new place with a vast selection of wines, I make sure to invite my friend, Heather, along since she’s the “wine girl” in my mind. She likes wine more than anyone else I know which is the only reason she gets this dubious […] Read More