tasty things in life: dulce de leche cheesecake

Quite frankly I’m surprised that not every Wednesday posting is a dessert. Astounded, really, since I have such a major sweet tooth. The Dulce de Leche Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorites and deserves a place amongst the tasty things in life. I like that it’s […] Read More

panda inn / take out with expressly gourmet – san diego, ca

I was approached by a representative from Expressly Gourmet to see if I was interested in trying out their take out services. I received a credit towards the purchase of food to try out their services. Below is my review! Expressly Gourmet is a unique take-out service. They offer meals […] Read More

homemade mexican / el comal – north park / san diego, ca

El Comal is located in North Park, but just off the main drag of University Ave. It’s tucked away on a little side street and the inside of the place looks like it used to be someone’s house that was redone to be a little restaurant. The dining area looks […] Read More

bbq crawlin’ with bloggers

BBQ Crawling with San Diego bloggers was sure to yield a good time. Who was in the crawl? Carol of CAB Cooks (fab organizer), CC from Pink Candles of Ridgemont High, Dennis from A Radiused Corner,  Marie (and D.) from Meandering Eats, Leanne (and T.) from Three Dog Kitchen, Kirbie […] Read More

tasty things in life / pecan pie, chili from bubba’s

This week’s “Tasty Things in Life” is a two-fer. One from me. One from Jake. All from the same place. This is Jake’s – it’s the Chili from Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ in La Jolla, CA. He absolutely loves this chili. It’s got BBQ brisket inside the chili. This makes Jake […] Read More

karl strauss brewery – sorrento valley / san diego, ca

Laura called me up on a whim one evening to see if I was free for dinner and luckily I was because we went out for a lovely little meal without any boys in tow. The nice thing about going out to dinner with girlfriends is being able to share […] Read More

good cheese makes me happy / the wine pub – point loma / san diego, ca

Whenever I want to try out a new place with a vast selection of wines, I make sure to invite my friend, Heather, along since she’s the “wine girl” in my mind. She likes wine more than anyone else I know which is the only reason she gets this dubious […] Read More

harry potter food specials!

Got this in my inbox this week, if you just happen to be going to see Harry Potter up in Escondido. Myself? I’ll be seeing it tonight at the Mira Mesa Regal Cinemas in IMAX 3D. Wooo! When guests visit the Escondido Chipotle restaurant (Auto Parkway @ Valley Parkway) Sunday, […] Read More