chuao chocolatier contest

I like chocolate. Maybe a little bit more than a lot. And when I say chocolate, I don’t mean Hershey’s bars – I mean the […] Read More

thai time 2 / sports arena – san diego, ca

For my birthday, my friend Laura took me to see a play at the San Diego Repertoire Theater. Before we headed over to the show, […] Read More

napizza (pizza al taglio) / little italy – san diego, ca

There was a time, around college or so, that I didn’t eat pizza. I got sick of it. The smell of pepperoni made me feel […] Read More

stabby broken glass cupcakes for halloween

For Halloween this year, my work held a baking contest! I can’t tell you how excited I was about this. I started browsing around on […] Read More

the boiling crab / mira mesa – san diego, ca

I’d been wanting to check out the Boiling Crab for awhile since it was the newest restaurant to pop up in my neighborhood. My friend, […] Read More

gluten free dining at 2Good2B bakery cafe / encinitas – san diego, ca

Let me just say right off the bat… I was skeptical. A gluten free restaurant with baked goods and regular food? Could this possibly be […] Read More