jollibee | mira mesa / san diego, ca

On Tuesday I headed over to Gamestop to pick up my copy of Halo: Reach. I was on my lunch break and needed something quick […] Read More

hometown buffet | san diego, ca

Hometown Buffet. You know it. You’ve probably been at least one in your lifetime, right? I was recently offered some coupons to try out Hometown […] Read More

california thai cafe / mira mesa – san diego, ca

California Thai Cafe is really, really close to my work. I popped in here for lunch one afternoon for a quick bite to eat after […] Read More

cali baguette express / san diego, ca

Cali Baguette Express is another Vietnamese sandwich shop that popped up in Mira Mesa in the last couple of months. They’re across the street from […] Read More

pho lucky / mira mesa – san diego, ca

I’ve been to Pho Lucky, a Vietnamese restaurant inside of the Lucky Seafood Supermarket, many times. It’s my go-to soup for when I am feeling […] Read More

bale french sandwich / san diego, ca

Bale French Sandwich is a small little Vietnamese sandwich shop in Mira Mesa next to Big Lots. They make some mean Vietnamese sandwiches there, complete […] Read More

the kebab shop – mira mesa / san diego, ca

A recent restaurant addition to the Mira Mesa area is The Kebab Shop. Their original location is downtown on 9th and Market but this is […] Read More

Jamba Juice – They Have Food / San Diego, CA

A few months ago Jamba Juice invited us to San Francisco, but we didn’t see the email in time to accept the offer. It’s a […] Read More